History of the World

Note: the creation of characters will also fill in bullet points

Part one, the Age of Dragons.

  • The time long ago when the great dragons ruled the world.
  • Humans worshiped and feared the Dragons as gods

Part two, the Age of the Wizard Kings.

  • Powerful sorcerers made a blood pact with dragons. This brought them powers before unknown to man. (Is it assumed that modern-day Dragonbloods are decedents of this blood pact?- Ma; That is what most third age scholars believe, cultist may have different, and weirder, views – Bob)
    • The greatest of these rose up to become the Wizard Kings.
  • A group of Wise men, known as the Circle of Seven Scholars, founded the Republic of Rhun.
    • Their descendants formed the Great Houses of Rhun: Leporii, Caballi, Cencrisi, Skorpii, Ursi, Serpentii and Bovii.

Part three, the Great Wizard war.

  • As the Wizard King’s growing power pushed the borders of their massive kingdoms into conflict with each other; war was inevitable. Mortal kingdoms were as pawns to the Wizard King, and ground to dust before them. Only Republic of Rhun survived, but it’s legions were sorely tested.

Part four, the Rise of the Rhunic Empire.

  • As the last of the Wizard Kings, Asmodius, surveyed the desolation of the war, the Legions of Rhun struck; the last Wizard King fell. The commander of the Legions, Gaius of House Skorpii, was named Gaius Skorpius Caesar, and Rhun became an empire.
  • House Leporii was destroyed in an attempt to return Rhun to a republic

History of the World

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