Ath-Thurayya – the region where the Great Beasts took on the Sphinx aspect; south of Rhun.

Chimera – Monstrous constructs created by the Wizard Kings.

Corvin – The City State that first accepted Imperial bribes and allowed the Rhunic Empire a foothold in Draeland

Dragontooth Mountains – A tall, steep range go mountains north of Draeland

Draeland – the region where the Great Beasts took on the Dragon aspect; west of Rhun.

Draelings – the people of Draeland, a collection of dozens of tribes united by the touch of the Dragon’s Blood upon them.

Glyphs – the script of the First Ones.

Great Beast – shorthand for ancient Dragons, Giants, Sphinxes, etc. aka First Ones.

Jotunheim – the savage lands of the far North, which were touched by a claimed by the Giants in days of old.

Jotunkin – Those who bear the blood of the Giants, and bear their Rune upon their skin. The Jotunkin are seen as being fated for greatness by the Norvolk they are born amongst. This greatness can be for both good or ill, depending upon the person in question, and the will of the Jotun.

Kobold Kobolds are aggressive creature that attack in packs.

Materia – the earthly remains of the Great Beast.

Norvolk – the people of Jotunheim, organized into dozens of clans and tribes, ruled by jarls and petty kings. They are unparalleled mariners, respected as traders, and feared as blood-thirsty raiders. With the possible exception of the Rhunic people, the Norvolk have more knowledge of far lands than most other peoples of the world, thanks to their far-ranging Wolf Ships.

Sanctum Imperia – a stationary materia construct used to change the magical nature of the land.

Suhaqa – the more peaceful of the two major rivers flowing through Ath-Thurayya.

Thurayyan – a native of Ath-Thurayya.

Zubani – the more fast-flowing and treacherous of the two major rivers flowing through Ath-Thurayya.

Zusu – the largest city of Ath-Thurayya; named for the nearby Zusu delta, formed by the confluence of the Zubani and Suhaqa rivers as they flow into the sea.


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