This needs ONE more aspects and more Stunts/flavors.
I am staying away from stunts that just add a +2 to a specific situation. Yes, Dragonblood characters have those, and can tie them to their race, but they can also take those kind of Stunts without any tie to race, just skill or practice. Anyway, I was trying to stay with Stunts that allowed “Using the Skill in a New Way” or “Rule Exception”
Edited Grace of the Dragon- too powerful, removed using Dragonblood to defend against Hand to Hand.

Race: Dragonblood

Aspects: Magic in the Blood, The Weight of Destiny, Either Loved or Hated, Mine is the Blood of Ancient Kings,

Racial Skill (Dragonblood)
You may use the Dragonblood skill to recognize other Dragonbloods and for many social interactions with people who know what you are (depending on their attitude toward Dragonbloods, GM’s discretion). Also, the skill can be used to defend against supernatural attacks from other Dragonbloods and might be used as a prerequisite to unlock dragon blood-keyed traps, doors, wards, etc. In addition, pick one of the following flavors: you can pick more at the cost of one stunt or refresh each.

  • Dragon Magic: You can use Dragonblood to cast spells with a narrow special effect; fire, water, blood, acid, shadow, etc. (could be taken more than once with GM permission)
  • Dragon Scales: You may use Dragonblood instead of Physique to determine your physical stress and consequences, and count as having Armor: 1
  • Dragon Ferocity: Use Dragonblood instead of Fight to attack, but not defend.
    • Dragon Claws: (prerequisite Dragon Ferocity), Grow claws that count as Weapon: 2
  • Grace of the Dragon: Spend a Fate point to use Dragonblood instead of Athletics for one scene.
  • The Gift of Tongues: Spend a Fate point to speak any language for one scene.
  • Written in the Blood: Use Dragonblood instead of Lore for any information relating to Dragonbloods, dragons, or dragon magic. This knowledge is innate and does not require research.
    • Ritual Dragonblood Magic: Use Dragonblood to cast ritual spells using your own blood instead of dragon artifacts. This magic is much more flexible than normal Dragon Magic, but takes more time and often comes at the cost of a Stress or Consequence (especially for more powerful spells)
  • Call of the Blood: Establish a mental link for the purposes of communication with another Dragonblood. If the target resists, use Dragonblood vs. Dragonblood or Will.
  • Eyes of the Dragon: Use Dragonblood instead of Notice for perception tests, but not initiative. In addition, can spend a Fate point to see in the dark or some other supernatural sense the GM allows.


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