Brule the Far Seeker

Ranger with a nose for magic


Name: Brule the Far Seeker
Player: Mike
High Concept: Ranger with a nose for magic
Trouble: Thanks a lot Grandpa *

Skills & Stunts:
Great (4): Notice – with stunts “Danger Sense” and “Smells like magic” (which lets him “track” magical auras)
Good (
3): Athletics Shoot
Fair (2): Fight Skullduggery Survival – with stunt “Rub some of this on it, it will feel better” (herbal and natural healing remedies)
Average (
1): Physique Will Lore Craft
Destined to travel far – true to the fate runes cast at his birth, Brule always seems driven to travel, new places, new people, new things

I’ve seen my share of magical beasts – magical beasts seem drawn to the wild magic areas that Brule and his ilk scout as part of their danger ranger gig

Squirrel … Squirrel … Squirrel – Brule is blessed with exceptional perception, which can be a great advantage when he focuses on his task or target. Unfortunately this perception combined with his fascination with new things can also lead to serious distraction.

Grandpa’s Great Bow – (gear aspect)


Arrogant in, perhaps even mad with power the Wizard Kings unleashed titanic and terrible magic upon the world as they warred on each other. One of the fallouts from this was the creation of areas of wild magic that persist to this day. For the communities that border one of these zones, the capricious ebb and flow of chaotic effects and the occasional eldritch creatures drawn to them, has always been a threat. To help counter and contain these threats, a small number of specialized wilderness scouts arose. These scouts have developed the ability to sense magic and magisteria, thus are able to keep areas deemed dangerous marked to be avoided in addition to tracking and hunting any of the fell beasts found there. For all the hazards, there is sometimes a payoff with the discovery of pieces of magisteria that can be brought back to the shamans to help improve the harvests, health and fertility of the people and/or animals of the village.

Brule is one of these scouts. For many generations, members of his family have patrolled the wilds. When Brule was born, he was taken to the seers to have the runes of fate cast over his infant form. The seers confirmed he had the gift of sight like many others in his family line. They offered up many glimpses to his future, swift, keen-eye, true-shot, spear-slayer, tracker but one of them that loomed large and unclear was wanderer/far seeker. They said he was destined to travel far, but could not see that this would bring him to fame or disaster. Part of the cloud concealing his fate lay with his grandfather. During his youth, his grandfather was tracking one of the moving flows of wild magic when he was caught by a surge that washed over him like a flood. Ever since that time, he, and many of his descendants (including Brule) have been blessed/cursed with “Thanks a lot Grandpa” *, where in times of crisis, the finger of fate proves fickle indeed (in game terms, I thought this to be an aspect that could bring unexpected good luck, or unwelcome bad luck).

Brule the Far Seeker

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